Monday, April 22, 2013

A Precious Little Announcement

So I tried to find a cute baby night elf or draenei to take a screenshot of for this post, because I figured it would be more appropriate given the characters I play in game, however it just didn't happen. I actually couldn't find a baby draenei model anywhere. Where do draenei come from? Eggs? Then holy moly, the night elf one I found.. simply terrifying. So here is a cute human baby to preface my announcement.

That's right, if you haven't already guessed this post is all about baby! The hubby and I just welcomed our first child into the world last Thursday, April 18th. She weighed a healthy 6lbs 10ounces and measured in at about 20'' long. She's got a full head of dark brown (maybe even black) hair and her eyes are getting bluer each day. She's absolutely gorgeous and I must say, I'm totally in love. <3

That being said, activity on my end regarding this blog will be slowing down significantly for the next few weeks/months until we've established a nice routine with our new addition. I will still be answering questions/comments, etc.

Until my next post, (pre) Happy Children's Week!


  1. Congratulations to the both of you. I read that you were expecting a while ago and was waiting for some sort of update. I'm so happy for you. :D

  2. Congratulations! OMG only a day or so early so pretty much on time grats Euphy and Mr Euphy!

  3. Congratulations! Girls are the very best! Well, I may be saying that because I am one and have one but still! I wonder if she will be a Hunter, or a Druid or a ...

  4. Congratulations! I just had a baby girl about 9 months ago. So precious. I wish you well with your family!

  5. @Everyone ~ Thanks for the kind words all. She's officially a whole week old today, and what a difference a week makes! She seems to be settling into her new home very nicely. Even my pug is taking quite a liking to her. :)

    @Navi ~ Yeah, I was totally convinced that she'd be coming late from everything I've read and from what people have told me about first babies usually arriving late. I guess she was just ready to meet the world though!

    @Tome~ When I look at her, I totally think Mage. Dunno why, I just have a feeling shes going to want to blow things up with fireballs and such.

  6. Greats Euphy :)Will see ya in WoW when you're settled in and can find time to hop on and say hey :) Till then, hope all is going well for you and your new addition to your family. :D

  7. Congrats! I had my baby boy that same day! he was 7 lbs and 8 ounces, 18 inches long. born at 1:44 am. apparently april 18th is just a great day for beautiful babies. :) i'm super happy for you.

    1. Congratulations to you as well! I think you just may be right about April 18th! :)

  8. Congratulations :) (belated as always).