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Kun-Lai Summit Rare Champions

The rare champions in Kun-Lai Summit each have a chance to drop some very interesting items - from strictly vanity to the quite useful. We really do see a mix of everything from these guys. Fireworks, killer pug puppies with hats, an item that will raise your reputation with each of the factions of Pandaria by 1000 (and can be sold to other players) and even an item that can dismount unsuspecting players - ha ha. Each of these items are listed below next to the rare that can drop it. You can also see some screenshots of each of these items in action in this post: Sneak Peek: Special drops from Rare Champions of Pandaria (just scroll down to the Kun-Lai Summit section).

The rares in this zone are all level 88, with health pools around 2.4M. They each have a 100% chance to drop item level 430 rare quality bop bracers of a random armor type and a small chance to drop a Small Bag of Goods.

As I have stated in a previous post - they all seem to spawn in around the same time, so if you run across a corpse or someone else fighting one of these rares it wouldn't hurt to check the rest of the spawn points to see if any others are up.

Click map to Enlarge
Ahone the Wanderer (Pandaren)

Ahone spawns under the small pagoda structure to the northeast of Shado-Pan Monastery. If you're having phasing issues with her, try completing the quest Beyond the Wall. Also, make sure you have completed Where are my Reinforcements?, as this quest phases out the zone. If your still having phasing issues, it is possible to have a friend take her out and still get credit so long as you are grouped and within range.

Like other Pandaren Ahone's three abilities are Chi BurstHealing Mists and Spinning Crane Kick. The most important thing to know when taking her down is to interrupt Healing Mists, and run away from Spinning Crane Kick. Ranged players should also stand within 15 yards of her to avoid her Chi Burst which deals some pretty massive damage.

Ahone has a small chance to drop Pandaren Firework Launcher. It shoots pretty fireworks. Kind of useless for most I guess, but I love this sort of thing.

Ski'thik (Mantid)
Ski'thik spawns fairly high up on Kota Peak, right where the Lost Adventurer's Belongings are found. You'll notice a lot of hostile goats wandering the mountainside around him. I advise taking the ones closest to him out before engaging him in combat so that you won't have to deal with them when dodging his tornados.

He has three abilities to be aware of: Blade FlurryTornado and Windsong. Tornado and Blade Flurry are the abilities to watch out for. The tornado will move around and deal massive damage to anyone it strikes. Blade Flurry should be avoided at all costs, it's casted as a cone in front of him and will pretty much destroy anyone around his level who stands in it.

Ski'thik has a small chance to drop Rod of Ambershaping. This item is really neat; it's instant cast, doesn't aggro your target and can be used in combat. It essentially gives you a nice, one minute cc.

Nessos the Oracle (Saurok)
You can find Nessos the Oracle on a small island north of Zuchin Village. He stands just outside of a tiny fishing hut working with his hanging fish.

Nessos's abilities are: Grappling HookVanishSmoked Blade and Vicious Rend. The most important of his abilities to watch out for is Smoked Blade. He will use this right after he breaks out of stealth. This ability can be avoided by either using an aoe ability while he's in stealth to break him out of it early, or by not letting him stealth in the first place. You will have a moment to hit him just before he disappears. If he does vanish entirely, get ready to use some defensive cool-downs.

Nessos has a small chance to drop Hardened Shell. This item is only usable on unfriendly targets, and unfortunately cannot be used while moving. It can however be used on druids in flight form! ;)

Havak (Mogu Warrior)
Havak has a few different spawn points all within Mogujia. Every time I've found him he has been frozen in time - he does of course come to life when you attack him. If taking him on sub-level 90 I would recommend pulling him to the edge of the ruins to avoid picking up adds.

Havak uses three different abilities, those are: Devastating ArcSummon Quilen and Titanic Strength. Devastating Arc is the ability to look out for here. It's a frontal attack that deals massive damage. Melee can simply run behind him and ranged shouldn't have much trouble moving out of the way. He periodically summons a Quilen add that does little damage. It can be cc'd or ignored.

Havak has a small chance to drop Shard of Archstone. This item is fairly limited, but still a lot of fun. Hostile npcs will not be able to target you when you use this item. It is usable in pvp, unfortunately aoe damage will break the effect.

Borginn Darkfist (Mogu Sorcerer)
Borginn Darkfist patrols between the two camps located just west of Mogu'Shan Terrace. Each camp has many hostile npcs that will aggro if you pull him while hes close to them. I advise waiting until he is walking mid-way between the the camps if you don't want to deal with adds.

Borginn Darkfist only has a couple of abilities to be aware of. Those are Shadowbolt and Voidcloud. Shadowbolt deals a moderate amount of damage and can be interrupted. Voidcloud hurts, it appears as a dark purple area on the ground and is VERY easy to notice and move out of.

Borginn has a small chance of dropping the super awesome item Crate of Kidnapped Puppies. (Who wouldn't want an army of cute pugs with hats and pink ribbons on their heads fighting for them?!)

Korda Torros (Yaungol)
Korda Torros can be found patrolling through Fire Camp Ordo. The entire camp is filled with hostile mobs. At level 90 this shouldn't be a concern, but at sub-90 I would clear out a safe area/pull him outside of the camp to be safe.

Korda Torros's abilities are: Bellowing RageRushing Charge and Yaungol Stomp. Yaungol stomp does some heavy damage, but the range is small - so it's easy to move away from. Bellowing rage you need to be aware of. He deals a lot more damage when this buff is up, combined with Rushing Charge the results can be devastating. When he uses Bellowing Rage, he will be slowed though - so it is possible to just run out of striking range until the buff wears off.

Gatherer's rejoice! Korda Torros has a small chance to drop Forager's Gloves. These gloves will allow skinners, miners and herbalists to gather resources more quickly! Unfortunately they only work when gathering in Pandaria.

Zai the Outcast - fka Norlaxx the Outcast (Jinyu)
Zai the Outcast (formerly known as Norlaxx the Outcast pre-patch 5.1) has a few different spawn points in different huts around Inkgill Mere. I would advise moving him out of whichever hut he's in, and get him to an area where you will have a lot of open space; this will make avoiding his rain dance a lot easier.

Zai has three abilities, they are: Rain DanceTorrent and Water Bolt. The absolute most important thing you need to know when fighting him is to interrupt Torrent! If not interrupted, this spell will kill his main target. Rain dance hurts, but it is survivable. The rain droplets can be moved away from, this spell can also be interrupted (but I like to save my interrupts for Torrent because of cool-downs).

Zai has a small chance to drop Farwater Conch. This item is pretty neat for non-shaman/hunters. It basically gives you a form of farsight/eagle eye, except you can also toss big droplets of water in the area you are looking at. It's also usable in battlegrounds.

Scritch (Hozen)
Scritch has multiple spawn points in the tiny caves around The Dooker Dome. Finding a safe area to kill him can prove difficult, as there are many hostile mobs (including a couple of elites) that patrol outside the caves. I have had luck killing him inside the tiny caves and out. I've also died to him both ways. The best advise I can really give for this guy is to run out of the cave if he is going bananas inside, and to run into a cave if he is doing it outside.

Scitch's abilities are: BananarangGoing Bananas and Toss Filth. Bananarang deals a hefty amount of damage, just move to the side to get out of it's path. Going Bananas is the ability he uses that can be the killer. He jumps around, and if he lands on you it'll knock out over half of your health in one shot. It's rather difficult to avoid this, be ready for some defensive cd's and/or heals.

Scritch has a small chance to drop a fairly sought after item, the Hozen Peace Pipe. This item will raise your reputation with each of the factions in Pandaria (minus The Black Prince and Operation: Shieldwall/Dominance Offensive) on use by 1,000. It is affected by perks such as Mr. Popularity and Diplomacy. It can also be sold on the auction house for a hefty profit or traded to your alts!

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Winterspring - Tamable Rares added in 5.1

Patch 5.1 was very kind to Winterspring, adding 10 new tamable rares to the zone. This brings the total count of rares in this zone to seventeen! I covered the other seven rares in Winterspring in this post: Winterspring Rare Spawns.

Among these new tamable rares are some real beauties. Several of them even have brand new unique skins. Iceclaw, the level 50 "ice cat" has a totally unique look. She has the "hunched" cat model, with the blue and white "icy" coloration that was previously only found on the Frostsaber Stalkers model.

Manas, the silver-grey dragonhawk, is the first ever tamable dragonhawk in this color. He even matches the mini-pet Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling perfectly. Quetzl, the wind serpent, also has a unique look - and in my opinion a very appealing one. He has the spiked wind serpent model previously only found in Outland and Northrend, and a beautiful, totally unique green, grey & orange coloration. 

The rest of these new rares are not unique, but it can certainly be worth finding and taming them - especially on low level hunters. Manas, the blue runed demon dog, shares the same look as the demon dogs in Borean Tundra and The Nexus - meaning if you like this model you can now have one almost 20 levels earlier! 

Norissis and Ronak, both chimaeras, each share the exact same coloration and model as another rare. Norissis has the blue and purple armored chimaera look that was previously unique to Nuramoc in Netherstorm. With Nuramoc's long spawn timer and the introduction of cross-realm zones it can probably prove to be difficult finding him; the introduction of Norissis will give hunters wanting that skin another option. The same can be said for Ronak, who shares the exact same model and coloration as The Razza in Feralas.

Although all of these pets are in the 50 - 54 level range, do keep in mind that several of them are exotic and cannot be tamed until at least level 69. These include each of the rhinos, both chimaeras and the Jormungar (The Deep Tunneler).

None of these rares have large patrol routes, and each one can be found out in the open - except for The Deep Tunneler, who is all the way at the end of the cave in Mazthoril. Their spawn timers, like most of the new rares added in 5.1, seem to be several hours. Be prepared to camp for a while if your hunting one of these guys down.

Click map to Enlarge
Here are some screenies of what each of these guys look like untamed, in order by level. (Simply click on the images to enlarge them for a better view.)

Iceclaw, Gal'dorak & Manas
Norissis, Bruiser & Quetzl
Ronak, The Deep Tunneler, Arcanus & Bornak the Gorer
All of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste these macros in game to add all of them automatically:

/npcscan add 51045 Arcanus
/npcscan add 50997 Bornak the Gorer
/npcscan add 50995 Bruiser
/npcscan add 50993 Gal'dorak
/npcscan add 50819 Iceclaw

/npcscan add 50353 Manas
/npcscan add 50348 Norissis
/npcscan add 50788 Quetzl
/npcscan add 50346 Ronak
/npcscan add 51028 The Deep Tunnler

Good luck, and happy hunting!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Elwynn Forest - Tamable Rares added in 5.1

When patch 5.1 went live there were quite a few new rares added across the world. Most of these rares were beasts, making them tamable by hunters. These new rares range in level and can be found in starter zones all the way to Outland, giving leveling hunters some fun new pets to seek out along the way!

There were six new rares introduced into Elwynn Forest in patch 5.1, bringing the total number of rares in this zone to thirteen. I will only be covering the new rares in the zone in this post. For the rest of the rares in this zone please see this post: Elwynn Forest Rare Spawns.

None of these new rares have new or unique skins, but a couple of them should stick out as low level pets. Lamepaw the Whimperer has a very interesting brown and grey bi-color skin, which until patch 5.1 could only be found on Ironjaw in Terrokar Forest and Halycon in Blackrock Spire. Bushtail's appealing arctic fox coloration was previously only found in the Pandaren and Worgen starting areas, as well as Winterspring.

I've marked on the map below where you can find each of these new rares. ~

Click map to Enlarge
Here are some screenies below of these guys as you'll find them in the world, in order by level. ~

Lamepaw the Whimperer, Grizzled Ben & Snoot the Rooter
Tarantis, Terrapis & Bushtail
Happy hunting!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bombyx - Trackable Hunter Pet (Silkworm)

Bombyx is the tenth trackable hunter pet that we've seen in Mists of Pandaria. He is a level 90 purple silkworm, and is considered an exotic beast - therefore he is only tamable by hunters in Beast Mastery spec. He was introduced in patch 5.1, and is a little more difficult to find than the previous nine.

The other nine trackable hunter pets in Pandaria walk in predictable paths leaving footprints that eventually lead us to the beast making them. Originally all of their tracks were backwards, several have since been fixed when patch 5.1 went live. These beasts are completely stealthed, and the only thing that will make them visible is for them to walk through a flare. A Hunter's Mark placed on the beast will keep it visible to the hunter that placed the mark until the flare wears off.

Like the other nine beasts, Bombyx is stealthed and leaves tracks that can only be seen by hunters. His tracks however are unlike anything we've seen so far. He doesn't leave actual footprints as tracks, he instead leaves a trail of Heavily-Chewed Silkweed (pictured on the right in the screenshot below.) Unfortunately because these "tracks" are basically a small tuft of flowers (and look just like a smaller version of the Silkweed herb), they do not point in a particular direction. This makes determining the direction that Bombyx is travelling incredibly difficult.

As if not knowing which direction he were moving weren't difficult enough, he also moves VERY sporadically. He twists and turns, doubles back repeatedly and even stops in place for lengthy periods of time. In the screenshot below you can see there are Heavily-Chewed Silkweed tracks all over the place. Where does one even start looking for this guy?!

Well, I can't give you a precise map like I did with the other nine pets, but I can point you in the right direction. You should begin your search for Heavily-Chewed Silkweed within the small purple circle that I marked on the map below. I watched Bombyx for quite a while, and he never left this area in the time I spent watching him.

Click map to Enlarge
I also noticed that he seems to have a favorite spot that he likes to re-visit more often than other locations. He occasionally hangs out at the base of two large trees, right between the roots at 32.6, 48.46. I circled the exact spot in yellow on the screenshot below. I also circled the ridiculous amount of Heavily-Chewed Silkweed everywhere to give you a better idea as to just how sporadic his tracks are. The tracks on the right, and in front of Bombyx in the screenshot below had been there for about 3 minutes before the shot was taken. The tracks right behind him he had just left as I snapped the shot.

If your having trouble locking down exactly where he is, I would advise tossing a flair at that location and waiting patiently for his return.

I've got a video below that shows this particular spot right at the beginning. After I tame him in the video, it continues on for a few minutes just watching where Bombyx walks. Hopefully this gives you an idea as to just how sneaky this squirmy wormy is.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Where to Find the Riches of Pandaria

Looting Lost Adventurer's Belongings
In addition to the fun new content and rares added in 5.1, there were also several new achievements snuck into our logs  - very similar to the Lost and Found/Is Another Man's Treasure Achievements. These achievements are granted for finding grey items (that generally sell for around 100g) and gold from chests hidden throughout Pandaria. These items have existed since the release of MoP - they just haven't counted toward anything until now. (Any treasures that you found before the achievements were implemented should still be accounted for in your achievement log.)

The achievements are: Treasure of Pandaria, Fortune of Pandaria, Bounty of Pandaria and Riches of Pandaria. Although achievements are great, there's more to be had by finding these items than just the achievements themselves. Finding all of these items should land you about 1,800 gold. There are 18 items that count toward the achievements and each one is worth around 100 gold - whether it be actual gold from a chest or what the vendor will pay for the grey item.

Looting these items also grants a huge amount of experience to leveling characters. In the screenshot on the right you can see my level 88 hunter received 283,800xp (mostly non-rested) when she looted Lost Adventurer's Belongings. At level 89 while rested, she received 539,000xp from looting Ship's Locker. That's worth more than two quest turn-ins!

I have marked on the map below where you can find each item needed for the Riches of Pandaria Achievement in red, along with a brief description further detailing the area in which each object can be found. I have also added in the locations of other various items that do not count toward any of the achievements, but do give some gold/xp. These additional items are marked in yellow.

Map is fairly detailed - Please Click to Enlarge
(To see an even larger image of this map you can also right click the image and view it in another tab. From there you should be able to zoom even further.)

Just like the Lost and Found items, each of these objects can only be picked up one time per toon. Once a toon has picked up an item there is a hidden "FLAG quest" which tracks completion for each item. You can check whether or not you've already found items by using a simple macro:

/run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(XXXXX))

XXXXX = the flag quest number. (Flag quest numbers listed below next to each object.) If you have already found an item you will get the number "1" as a result. If you haven't yet picked it up you will get "nil." For example, if you wanted to know whether or not you've already found the Lucky Pandaren Coin you would use /run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(31401)). When I did this on my hunter the number 1 popped into my chat log. This means I've already looted that item on that character.

Here is the entire list of items listed below. I have grouped them by zone, and the letters on the left correspond to the map above. The links on the left are of the container to be found, and the right links are what you will get from each. The # on the far right of each item is the Flag quest # that can be used in the macro shown above.

The Jade Forest
A Pandaren Ritual Stone --> Pandaren Ritual Stone #31404
B Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot --> Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot # 31400
C Lucky Pandaren Coin --> Lucky Pandaren Coin #31401
D Ship's Locker --> about 100 gold #31396
Do not count toward achievement:
Chest of Supplies --> about 10 gold #31864
F Offering of Rememberance --> about 10 gold and a debuff #31865
G Stash of Gems --> about 5 or 6 gold and a few gems #31866

Valley of the Four Winds
A Virmen Treasure Cache --> about 100 gold #31405
B Saurok Stone Tablet --> Saurok Stone Tablet #31408
Does not count toward achievement:
C Boat-Building Instructions --> Boat-Building Instructions #31869

Krasarang Wilds
Does not count toward achievement:
A Stack of Papers --> Stack of Papers #31863

Kun-Lai Summit
A Lost Adventurer's Belongings --> about 100 gold #31418
B Terracotta Head --> Terracotta Head #31422
C Hozen Treasure Cache --> about 100 gold #31414
D Rikktik's Tiny Chest --> Rikktik's Tick Remover #31419
E Stolen Sprite Treasure --> about 100 gold #31415
F Ancient Mogu Tablet --> Ancient Mogu Tablet #31420
G Statue of Xuen --> Statue of Xuen #31416
Does not count toward achievement:
H Mo-Mo's Treasure Chest --> about 10 gold #31868

Townlong Steppes
A Fragment of Dread --> Fragment of Dread #31423
B Abandoned Crate of Goods --> about 100 gold #31427
C Hardened Sap of Kri'vess --> Hardened Sap of Kri'vess #31424
D Amber Encased Moth --> Amber Encased Moth 31426

The Veiled Stair
A The Hammer of Folly --> The Hammer of Folly #31428
Does not count toward achievement:
B Forgotten Lockbox --> about 10 gold #31467

For those of you who use tomtom for waypoints, here is a list of waypoints for the objects below. (Thanks to wowhead user Lilikoi for this wonderful list.) All you need to do is copy and paste them into a macro in game. (To paste the copied macro in game simply create a new macro, name it anything you want and then hit ctrl-v.)

Waypoints for items that count toward the achievement:

/way The Jade Forest 26.22 32.35 Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot
/way The Jade Forest 31.96 27.75 Lucky Pandaren Coin
/way The Jade Forest 23.49 35.05 Pandaren Ritual Stone
/way The Jade Forest 51.22 100.00 +22 yards South in Uncharted Sea = Ship's Locker

/way Valley of the Four Winds 23.71 28.33 Virmen Treasure Cache
/way Valley of the Four Winds 75.1 55.1 Saurok Stone Tablet
/way The Veiled Stair 74.93 76.48 The Hammer of Folly
/way Kun-Lai Summit 63.94 49.84 Ancient Mogu Tablet

/way Kun-Lai Summit 50.36 61.77 Hozen Treasure Cache
/way Kun-Lai Summit 36.7 79.7 Lost Adventurer's Belongings
/way Kun-Lai Summit 52.57 51.54 Rikktik's Tiny Chest
/way Kun-Lai Summit 72.01 33.96 Statue of Xuen

/way Kun-Lai Summit 41.67 44.12 Stolen Sprite Treasure
/way Kun-Lai Summit 59.24 73.03 Terracotta Head
/way Townlong Steppes 62.82 34.05 Abandoned Crate of Goods
/way Townlong Steppes 65.83 86.08 Amber Encased Moth

/way Townlong Steppes 48.49 89.46 Fragment of Dread
/way Townlong Steppes 52.84 56.17 Hardened Sap of Kri'vess

Waypoints for extra items that do NOT count toward the achievement:

/way The Jade Forest 24.63 53.27 Chest of Supplies
/way The Jade Forest 46.3 80.7 Offering of Rememberance
/way The Jade Forest 62.45 27.52 Stash of Gems
/way Valley of the Four Winds 92.1 39.1 Boat-Building Instructions

/way The Veiled Stair 54.5 71.9 Forgotten Lockbox
/way Krasarang Wilds 52.16 73.42 Stack of Papers
/way Kun-Lai Summit 47.9 73.3 Mo-Mo's Treasure Chest

Looting The Hammer of  Folly
Thankfully these items aren't "rare," so should you decide to knock this achievement out on a toon that has flight you can finish it very quickly. -Have fun!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to Kill Alani The Stormborn (Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent)

My last Alani post was written and edited throughout various points during mop beta and ended up being sort of a timeline of discoveries, rather than a straight forward, this is how to Kill Alani and get an awesome mount post. I figured it was about time to condense everything into one clean spot for her - so without further adieu:

Like the Time-Lost Proto-Drake, Aeonaxx, Poseidus and even that pesky mysterious camel figurine before her, Alani the Stormborn is Mist of Pandaria's rare that drops a mount. Unlike her predecessors, the method of killing her and obtaining the mount she drops is far different from anything we've seen until now. 

Alani has a 100% chance to drop the Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. She can be found flying high above the Vale of Eternal Blossoms protected by a Nimbus Shroud, which completely protects her from any type of harm.

Rares in previous expansions required us to wait around for hours, days, even weeks on end waiting for them to show up. Many of us would afk with our volume turned up so that if our coveted rare did spawn we'd hear the blazing horn of npcscan and drop whatever we were doing for a chance at downing them. Often times a lucky person questing on an alt would just happen to run into said rare only moments before we could tag them, destroying all hope of obtaining what we had been waiting for for so long. 

Well Alani changes the game entirely, making sure that only those that really truly want her are going to get her. Anyone looking to get their hands on the Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent are going to have to farm for it plain and simple. The only thing that will break Alani out of her Nimbus Shroud and make her attackable is a Sky Crystal. A Sky Crystal is created when ten Skyshards are fused together.

Skyshards will drop from pretty much any mob in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The drop chance is incredibly low though (roughly anywhere from .01 - .4%). Mobs with lower health pools that respawn quickly make a good target for farming these things. In the screenshot below you can see my friend Reinoverall farming Stonebark Tricksters in Ruins Rise for his very last Skyshard.

These mobs have 236k health and respawn fairly quickly making them ideal mobs to farm for Skyshards. The tricksters in Mistfall Village are also popular mobs to farm for the same reason. Reinoverall ended collecting seven of his Skyshards from these Tricksters. He also received two from mogu mobs at Autumnshade Ridge, and one from a spider at the Ruins of Guo-Lai while doing dailies for the Golden Lotus. It took him many weeks of farming on and off for several hours each day to finally obtain all ten Skyshards.

Skyshards can also be looted out of Treasures of the Vale - the item that you receive at the end of the series of Golden Lotus daily quests on any given day. It has also been reported that they can drop from Small Bag of Goods from rares located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Once you have all ten Skyshards you simply click on them in your bag to fuse them together into a Sky Crystal.  (See screenshot below.)

After you have your Sky Crystal you will need to find a safe spot to kill Alani. Note that once you have used your Sky Crystal on Alani the Crystal will be used up and it will disappear from your inventory - so make absolutely sure that your in a safe area and ready before you engage her! Simply right click the crystal in your bag and it will aggro Alani as well as take out a percentage of her health. 

The fight itself is fairly simple. She only has one attack called Lightning Breath, which she'll channel at you. (Pictured below.) 

She only has about 1.2M health and doesn't deal much damage with her only attack, so downing her should not be difficult. The fight is actually over fairly quickly! She has a huge hitbox too, so melee don't need to worry. 

After she has been killed she will drop the gorgeous mount resembling her. Her loot box is quite large as well - notice in the screenshot below that my friend was able to loot her from the mountaintop as she fell to the ground below. Also take note that I was able to roll on the mount because I was grouped with him. Only take someone with you to down Alani that you absolutely trust - or that you have sold or plan on giving her to. 

Here is the video I took of my friend downing her. ~

Now that you have this amazing new mount, if you aren't already, you will need to be exalted with not only the Order of the Cloud Serpent, but the August Celestials as well in order to ride it. 

Becoming exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent will allow you to learn Cloud Serpent Riding and will reward you with three different cloud serpent mounts the moment you hit exalted. Their main quest hub is located at the The Aboretum in Jade Forest. Reputation is increased with them by completing daily quests and handing in Onyx Eggs (similar to the Netherwing rep grind back in BC). The eggs can be found scattered about near the area that the dailies are completed. They award +500 rep each.

Gaining reputation with the August Celestials is done through dailies. There are several different hubs located throughout Pandaria and the locations rotate on a daily basis. To find out which hub is open for dailies you can speak with the August Celestials Quartermaster for your faction: Sage Whiteheart (Alliance) located at the Shrine of Seven Stars, or Sage Lotusbloom (Horde) located at the Shrine of Two Moons.

Thankfully now that patch 5.1 is here both of these reputation grinds are a little quicker thanks to the Grand Commendations purchasable at revered.

Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent
I'd like to thank Reinoverall (Elune - US) for sending me so many helpful screenshots and sharing his experience with me. Congrats again on finally obtaining your beautiful new mount, she's just gorgeous!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Doctor Theolen Krastinov - Krastinov's Bag of Horrors

Using Krastinov's Bag of Horrors
That's right, The Doctor is in! If there's one thing that I just can't get enough of, it's fun transformation items. My bags are always overflowing with those darn things, but I just can't stop collecting them!

Well for those of you who also have a strange addiction to transformation items - Doctor Theolen Krastinov, a rare spawn in Heroic Scholomance, drops an incredibly fun one called Krastinov's Bag of Horrors.

Doctor Theolen Krastinov <The Butcher>
Doctor Theolen Krastinov has approx. 4k hp and can be found in the room right after Rattlegore. The couple of times that I've fought him he's yelled "Time for a little open-heart surgery!" as our group engaged him in combat. He has no special abilities really worth noting. He could almost be mistaken for a trash mob if you weren't paying attention.

Now unfortunately there is no way that I know of to tell if he is up before Rattlegore has been killed. Silverdragon and NPCScan will only go off practically right before you walk into him, and I'm pretty sure that attempting to target him from the entrance will not work. If you've got your heart set on this item, the best thing to do is queue up for this dungeon specifically - and preferably with friends who don't care if they get the item or not. ;)

Krastinov's Bag of Horros - Resembles the Tier 6 rogue "Slayer's" Armor set
Krastinov's Bag of Horrors is the only item on Doctor Theolen's loot table. I'm pretty sure it's a 100% drop as well. This item is pretty awesome - it transforms you into Doctor Krastinov himself! The buff it puts on you is called Surgical Alterations, and it lasts for 10 minutes. When you first use the item blood will spurt all around and you'll yell "The doctor is in!" in Dr Krastinov's voice (pictured in the very first screenshot).

While performing some quick surgery in your new look you'll still be able to mount. Some classes may notice some other fun tricks as well. ^-^ You'll also occasionally yell out all sorts of bloody things when killing creatures in the Doctor's unique voice such as:

"Always pumping, always pumping!"
"Blood blood blood BLOOD BLOOD!"
"Dripping and pouring and clotting!"
"So warm, so red!"
"Spurts of crimson!"
"The scent of delicious!"
"Yes! More Blood!"

One of the many possible yelled phrases after killing something
When the ten minutes are up you'll make another bloody mess as the effect wears off...

It was a fun 10 minutes...
The only downside to this awesome item is that it's on a 2 hour cooldown. Rabble rabble...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

New 5.1 Rare Faction Champions in Krasarang Wilds - A Closer Look

As I had mentioned in a previous post, there were a bunch of new rares that were going to be added in patch 5.1. Well the patch is here, and so are they! I've spent a lot of time over the past week camping these rare faction champions, and I figured I'd share some of the information I've learned.

First of all unless you've completed the initial couple of quests (starting with Meet the Scout -> A King Among Men/Meet the Scout -> The Might of the Warchief) at your faction's base camp you will not be able to see these rares. Completing those initial quests and their follow-ups will toss you into a new phase that will change your zone map significantly and allow you to see both the Horde and Alliance base camps: Lion's Landing and Domination Point.

Each base has three rares, for a total of six rare champions in the zone (of course you'll only be able to attack three of them, as your own faction rares will appear friendly to you). There are three different types of rares: the warrior, rogue and healy-type. Each base has one of each type. When you've killed all three champions in your enemies base, you will be awarded the achievement I'm in Your Base, Killing Your Dudes. (Origin: In Ur Base.)

Each rare has one piece of loot unique to them, and the rest are shared. The shared loot that you could possibly get from them (in order of most likely - least likely) is:

- around 10 Domination Point Commitions (Alliance)/Lion's Landing Commitions (Horde)
- Honorable Commendation of Operation: Shieldwall (Alliance)/Honorable Commendation of the Dominance Offensive (Horde)
- Small Bag of Goods (Both Factions)
- and the reason why these guys are so highly camped: Blood-Soaked Invitation (This item will grant you access to your faction's Brawler's Guild.)

These rares also grant +400 reputation with The Black Prince up to Revered.

The Commendations are by far the most common drop. Let's just say I've gotten a LOT of honor over the past few days. I now have each of the trinkets and have seen a couple of them more than once. I have yet to see the Blood-Soaked Invitation, or know of anyone who has received it. If you don't want to spend incredible amounts of gold on the Black Market Auction House though this is the only means of acquiring it at this point.

Spawn timers on these rares are very fast. The longest spawn I've seen was about an hour, but I've also seen them respawn in as little as a half hour.

(For Alliance Players) Horde Champions at Domination Point:
Champion of Arms: Kar Warmaker

- Heroic Leap/Heroic Leap He will use this if your over 15 yards away, it will knock out 40% of your health. Don't get to far from him!
- Cracking Blow (pictured left) This is the killer right here. This ability he smashes straight in front if him, and it will cost you 60% of your max health if hit. The best way to avoid this is to run right through him as fast as possible or try to sidestep it.
- Sunder Armor self-explanatory

Loot unique to Kar: Steadfast Footman's Medallion

Champion of the Light: Muerta

- Chains of Faith This is a 6 second stun. Save your interrupts for this.
- Holy Bolt She will cast this continuously. Nothing to worry about really.
- Wrath of Light (pictured left) She casts this under her target. Move out of this as quickly as possible. When she finishes her cast it will hit for over 200k dmg.

Loot unique to Muerta: Alliance Insignia of Conquering.

Champion of the Shadows: Ubunti the Shade

Mortal Throw He will use this ranged attack if you are further than 15 yards from him. It will take out 60% of your max health. Just try to stay up close and personal with him.
Shadowblink He will occasionally disappear and reappear several yards away. Sometimes it will be far enough where he will try to use Mortal Throw. Run toward him as fast as possible and he will not complete the throw.
Shank 1.5 second cast followed by a 3 second stun. He'll only use it in melee range. It is possible to avoid this by stepping away when he starts to cast this.

Loot unique to Ubunti: SI:7 Operative's Manual

NPCScan will pick up each of these rares, at this time you simply need to add them. Just copy and paste:

/npcscan add 68321 Kar Warmaker
/npcscan add 68322 Muerta
/npcscan add 68320 Ubunti the Shade

(Because of their very fast respawn times, if you don't want to log out and clear your cache a simple targeting macro will do the trick as well.)

I've taken a screenshot, and circled where each of these rares can be found in Domination Point. I figured this would be easier than a map to point them out. Kar Warmaker spawns right in the middle of the main entryway into Domination Point. Muerta spawns a little further in right in front of a bunch of crates near a giant tree stump. (I recommend pulling her toward the stump to avoid Or'Dac, the quest npc that patrols right near her.) Ubunti the Shade spawns at the bottom of the tower. (Be aware that horde players can hire elites to protect the tower, making the fight with him even more interesting.)

Click Photo to Enlarge
(For Horde Players) Alliance Champions in Lion's Landing:

Champion of Arms: Dalan Nightbreaker


Heroic Leap/Heroic Leap He will use this if your over 15 yards away, it will knock out 40% of your health. Don't get to far from him!
Cracking Blow (pictured left) This is the killer right here. This ability he smashes straight in front if him, and it will cost you 60% of your max health if hit. The best way to avoid this is to run right through him as fast as possible or try to sidestep it.
Sunder Armor self-explanatory

Loot unique to Dalan: Mark of the Hardened Grunt

Champion of the Light: Disha Fearwarden


Chains of Faith This is a 6 second stun. Save your interrupts for this.
Holy Bolt She will cast this continuously. Nothing to worry about really.
Wrath of Light (pictured left) She casts this under her target. Move out of this as quickly as possible. When she finishes her cast it will hit for over 200k dmg.

Loot Unique to Disha: Horde Insignia of Conquering

Champion of the Shadows: Marvis Harms

Mortal Throw She will use this ranged attack if you are further than 15 yards from her. It will take out 60% of your max health. Just try to stay up close and personal.
Shadowblink She will occasionally disappear and reappear several yards away. Sometimes it will be far enough where she will try to use Mortal Throw. Run toward her as fast as possible and she will not complete the throw.
Shank 1.5 second cast followed by a 3 second stun. She'll only use it in melee range. It is possible to avoid this by stepping away when she starts to cast this.

Loot unique to Marvis: Kor'kron Book of Hurting

NPCScan will pick up each of these rares, at this time you simply need to add them. Just copy and paste:

/npcscan add 68318 Dalan Nightbreaker
/npcscan add 68319 Disha Fearwarden
/npcscan add 68317 Mavis Harms

(Because of their very fast respawn times, if you don't want to log out and clear your cache a simple targeting macro will do the trick as well.)

Again, I've taken a screenshot and have circled the exact locations where these rares can be found. Dalan Nightbreaker stands just in front of the barricade leading into Lion's Landing. (I've seen many people pull him toward the main keep near the wall to avoid adds.) Disha Fearwarden stands under the leftmost tent further into the courtyard. Marvis Harms can be found on the docks hanging out with a black cat.

Click Photo to Enlarge
I do advise bringing a friend to camp for these guys, as they can be pretty tough. They are soloable however (with some classes naturally easier than others - here's looking at you hunters.) The trick really is to avoid their special abilities.

Good luck and Happy camping to all that hope to get a Blood-Soaked Invitation!