Friday, December 28, 2012

Elwynn Forest - Tamable Rares added in 5.1

When patch 5.1 went live there were quite a few new rares added across the world. Most of these rares were beasts, making them tamable by hunters. These new rares range in level and can be found in starter zones all the way to Outland, giving leveling hunters some fun new pets to seek out along the way!

There were six new rares introduced into Elwynn Forest in patch 5.1, bringing the total number of rares in this zone to thirteen. I will only be covering the new rares in the zone in this post. For the rest of the rares in this zone please see this post: Elwynn Forest Rare Spawns.

None of these new rares have new or unique skins, but a couple of them should stick out as low level pets. Lamepaw the Whimperer has a very interesting brown and grey bi-color skin, which until patch 5.1 could only be found on Ironjaw in Terrokar Forest and Halycon in Blackrock Spire. Bushtail's appealing arctic fox coloration was previously only found in the Pandaren and Worgen starting areas, as well as Winterspring.

I've marked on the map below where you can find each of these new rares. ~

Click map to Enlarge
Here are some screenies below of these guys as you'll find them in the world, in order by level. ~

Lamepaw the Whimperer, Grizzled Ben & Snoot the Rooter
Tarantis, Terrapis & Bushtail
Happy hunting!


  1. Oh nice, I've only seen three of the new ones so far, even though I haven't been actively looking for them.

    1. I've seen a few on flight paths, only to have them disappear when I land. le sigh. The whole cross-realm zone thing really makes these guys even more rare it would seem.

  2. I tamed all of them i also got Sunwing i like it so mutch google it :)

  3. This was super helpful, thanks so much!!

  4. How do you catch these?