Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dun Morogh Rare Spawns

Dun Morogh is a snowy region located in Central Eastern Kingdoms, it is also the starter area for both Dwarves and Gnomes and home of the great Dwarven City of Ironforge. Dun Morogh is also home to six rare spawns ranging from level 4 - 9.

The first one you will likely encounter when starting a new toon in Dun Morogh is Gibblewilt, a crazed leper gnome found just southeast of Gnomeregan. He is quite humorous to watch as he talks to himself, points this way and that, and throws his hands up laughing when he apparently tells himself a good joke.

Both Timber and Bjarn are tamable by hunters, and would make nice first rare pets for new Dwarves.

Great Father Arctikus is much higher level than everything else in the cave he patrols in, so lowbies questing in Frostmane Hold - be careful. He also has some odd phasing issues that I noticed when I was watching him. He was walking over and through walls, and at one point he phased out entirely only to reappear elsewhere in the cave...

Edan the Howler can be found at the back of The Grizzled Den (cave west of Kharanos).

Hammerspine can be found way at the back of the cave in Gol'Bolar Quarry. He has an enrage that HURTS. Fast-forward to the end of the video below and you can see how he left my poor ironman rogue with 1 health.

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All six rares, in order by level. ~

Gibblewilt, Timber & Great Father Arctikus
Edan the Howler, Bjarn & Hammerspine
In the video below Ironstevie the doomed rogue can be seen hunting down all of these rares. As you watch the video you'll see why she ended up dying, I took far too many risks on her from the get-go. ~


  1. Ah Gibblewilt. Give me my stupid foreman vest you nasty selfish creature :)

    1. I love watching that crazy little guy, he gets such a kick out of himself! ^-^

  2. OMG! Ironstevie was a such a terrible risk taker, fearless but risky behavior, but then you know how those Gnomes are!

    1. Haha, yeah she was feeling impatient. My next gnome is going to take things a little more slowly. ;)

  3. I love hunting rares! Whenever I see someone near a rare I want I'm like "Get away.He/she is mine". It's the thrill of the hunt as they say.

  4. I Love This Blog It Gives Me Awesome Pets