Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ghostlands - aka Dr. Whitherlimb

Ghostlands, the low-level Horde (and particularly Blood Elf) leveling zone, has only a single rare that you may stumble across while leveling. That rare is the mad scientist Dr. Whitherlimb.

Dr. Whitherlimb is kind of an interesting rare. When initiating combat with him he will always quote one of these lines:

"It is very kind of you to donate your organs!"

"Be proud, your brain will be put to good use in one of my abominations."

"Excellent! Fresh parts!"

(Well I guess there's no secret as to what he's been up to in Ghostlands...)

Dr. Whitherlimb has some unique abilities in combat. He will throw a Monstrous Elixir on himself that increases his size, strength and heals him. Then there is the debuff that I try to get... Every few seconds he will throw Withering Poison on you, which will make your character super tiny! Classes with pets will easily match (or shrink below) the size of their pet, and the best part is that the debuff lasts a whole 10 minutes so you can be super cute n' little well after he's dead. Yay!

Back in the day (before heirlooms and facerolling everything while leveling) this guy used to be pretty tough. I'm guessing that these days he'd be tough for an ironman challenger, and maybe even someone caught by surprise, but beside that I would assume he's pretty easy now.

Under the effects of Withering Poison
He's got loot that is unique to him that is also worth mentioning. Banshee Rod, Ghoul Hammer and Abomination Cleaver can only be obtained from him.

This crazy doctor can be found patrolling through any one of the four ziggurats in the zone. The Howling Ziggurat and Bleeding Ziggurat are southwest of Tranquillen on either side of the Dead Scar, and the other two are located deep inside of Deatholme. I marked each of his spawn points on the map below. These days he seems to spawn pretty randomly between the four, and has a fairly short respawn timer.

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  1. Never got to experience vanilla. Been playing through the game via pure questing with no heirlooms to try and enjoy an older classic experience. Ran into this guy out of the blue and enjoyed his theme. It's little things like this that I imagine made the game so attractive once upon a time.