Monday, March 18, 2013

War-God Dokah (Rare Elite on Isle of Giants)

War-God Dokah <Ward of Beasts> is a level 92 rare elite that can be found on the Isle of Giants. He is located at the bow of the ship in the southeastern part of the zone. (Map with exact location further down in post.) This ship is inhabited by a pretty hefty Zandalari Dinomancer population.

Getting to Dokah without a flying mount can be a little tricky, especially if you don't feel like plowing your way through a heap-ton of elite mobs and the Primal Devilsaur that stands just outside the ship on your way in. To get onto the ship your going to need to jump onto one of the small canoes on the northwest side right near the two Dinomancers and the Devilsaur. Rogues and druids can simply stealth by them, hunters can get past with camouflage and everyone else who can't stealth...your in luck! You can get past every hostile mob on the ship with a neat dinosaur disguise called the Intact Direhorn Hide.

Alliance can purchase this disguise from Agrant Sharpshot on the western side of the island. Horde can purchase their disguise from Arnold Raygun on the eastern side. I would recommend purchasing several disguises because when/if your disguise wears off the item will have disappeared from your bags. I marked the locations of where you can find each of these vendors on the map below.

When you have your disguise, make sure you use it before getting too close to the ship. I chose the left canoe to get up, as it seemed a bit further from the hostile mobs. Once your on board just keep as much distance as possible between you and anything hostile and make your way up to Dokah.

This method is really only necessary if your trying to get to Dokah quickly and without dying. Otherwise I totally recommend clearing the Dinomancers for their loot. The Dinomancers can drop four different battle pets including: Zandalari Toenibbler, Zandalari Anklerender, Zandalari Footslasher and Zandalari Kneebiter. For hunters they can drop an Ancient Tome of Dinomancy, which will allow the taming of Direhorns in any spec. They even have a small chance to drop Zandalari Journals required for the Achievement Zandalari Library Card.

Ok so now your probably going to want to know a little bit about how to fight War-God Dokah. Dokah has a little over 42M health and will require a few people to defeat. I took him down in a group of all hunters and a druid tank (video below). I've also heard of others two and three manning him as well. Naturally the ideal group will have some sort of tank, heals and a dps. Before engaging him you should also clear out the hostile mobs in the immediate area nearby to avoid getting adds during the fight. (Note: Depending on how long it takes you to kill him these mobs may respawn while your still in combat with Dokah. If this happens just cc them or burn them down.)

If you are familiar with the abilities the Zandalari Warbringers use, you should be pretty comfortable fighting Dokah - he uses the same ones.
  • Horrific Visage - Causes a random person to flee in fear for 8 seconds. (Pretty self-explanatory)
  • Meteor Shower - These are very big meteors - it's hard not to see them. They do hurt, but are easy to move away from, especially for ranged who can stand out of range of the shower entirely.
  • Scarab Swarm - These scarabs can be aoe'd down, they don't do a ton of damage but they can be annoying to healers. They will eventually despawn if not killed.
  • Thunder Crush - The spell effect is very obvious on the ground in front of him. It looks like a lightning cloud sitting just over the ground. Move out of it.
  • Vengeful Spirit - Dokah will periodically summon a spirit that will go after different party members. DO NOT let this spirit hit you. She hurts - very badly. She also moves very slowly and can be slowed even further. If she's coming at you just move away until she despawns.

War-God Dokah's drops are also fairly similar to those of the Warbringers, minus the mounts disappointingly. He has a very good chance to drop a Small Bag of Zandalari Supplies and a Big Bag of Zandalari Supplies. Each of these can contain all sorts of materials used in professions. The big bag also has a chance to contain some epic weapons & armor. In addition to the bags, he generally drops quite a few reputation items including: Stolen Golden Lotus InsigniaStolen Celestial InsigniaStolen Shado-Pan Insignia and Stolen Klaxxi Insignia.

This guy has a fairly short respawn timer as well, so if you get a group together for him - odds are he'll be up.


  1. I saw him on the boat and had to investigate. Stealthed on and checked to see if there was anyone on the island and there were just two other people. If I see him again I'll be prepared now!

    1. Yeah, that's the only problem I've had so far is getting others together to kill this guy. Seems the island is either full of hunters, empty, or half the server is there to kill Oondasta lol.

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