Thursday, December 15, 2011


Kurmokk is a level 33 rare red gorilla that can be found patrolling through Mistvale Valley on The Cape of Stranglethorn. I have indicated where he can be patrols in red on the map below.

He drops the typical green item and a decent amount of experience for people leveling.

He is also tamable by hunters, and would make a nice pet for people who come across him. He is the lowest level tamable gorilla in this color. Other tamable gorillas with this look are the Groddoc Apes in Feralas (level 36-37), U'cha in Un'Goro (level 53), and the Hardnuckle Matriarch (level 77), which is a mob summoned during a quest in Sholazar Basin.

Kurmokk can be found with NPCScan. You will need to add it, his NPCScan ID is 14491.

You can also use this macro to help find and tame him:
/tar Kurmokk
/stopmacro [noexists]
/cast Tame Beast

Before the Cataclysm he had a very long spawn timer, somewhere in the vicinity of 32-48 hours. I am guessing that since the shattering though that it has been reduced significantly. Unfortunately though, he still spawns in a relatively high traffic area for people questing and leveling, so chances are he probably won't be up for too long before he is killed by someone who stumbles upon him. It took me 4 or 5 visits to his patrol area before I came across him.

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